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Beautiful Wedding in the mountains of Serra de Traumuntana Mallorca

I was really looking forward to Antonia & Michi’s wedding from the first moment when Antonia wrote an email. They are such a cute and happy couple and organized everything with so much love. As Antonia’s family has a house in Soller, they know the region very well and so A & M chose a lovely Finca located in the mountains on the outskirts of Soller. There, all their friends were always welcome during these exciting days and also the getting ready took place there.

A & M celebrated a rustic elegant wedding at Finca Comassema, an estate in the mountains of Serra de Tramuntana. The ceremony took place in Orient, a very small mountain village in a beautiful church. Orient is one of the most beautiful villages in Majorca. A really pretty little village hidden deep in one of the most wild places in the north of majorcan mountain range. The church of Sant Jordi is known as a place of pilgrimage and therefore also very well attended. After the ceremony, we went to Finca Comassema, a very special location surrounded by beautiful landscape, olive groves, almond and orange trees overlooking the imposing tramuntana mountains. This location is magical, it has something very special. Antonia & Michi celebrated their love which lasted until sunrise the next morning:-)

My dear ones, many thanks for having me. It was a great honor to be part of your day. Thank you for our wonderful time during the couple shoot and the after wedding shoot. You are super nice and warmhearted. Had a great time with you and wish you lots of love for your little family:-) ♥ Tali ♥


Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -280Mallorca Wedding Finca ComassemaA & M-2Mallorca Wedding TramuntanaFinca Comassema WeddingA & M-172Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -281Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -279Mallorca Finca ComassemaA & M-448A & M-204A & M-431Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -285Mallorca Wedding Finca ComassemaMallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -284A & M-260Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -286Mallorca Finca Comassema-1A & M-281Wedding Orient Finca ComassemaA & M-315A & M-321A & M-336A & M-346

A & M-349Mallorca Wedding Finca ComassemaA & M-414A & M-594-2Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -288A & M-437   Mallorca Finca Comassema-3Mallorca Finca Comassema-2Bohohochzeit in Berlin -505Mallorca Finca Comassema-5Mallorca Finca Comassema-4                    A & M-486A & M-520Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -293A & M-525A & M-567A & M-568A & M-573A & M-451A & M-578A & M-582Mallorca Wedding Finca ComassemaA & M-604A & M-668A & M-671A & M-683A & M-652A & M-650A & M-602A & M-586A & M-386Mallorca Hochzeit_DSC3432Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -299Mallorca HochzeitMallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -296Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -297Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -298A & M-479Mallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -282Mallorca HochzeitMallorca HochzeitMallorca-Wedding-Finca Comassema -300A & M-796A & M-758A & M-734Mallorca Wedding Finca ComassemaA & M-826A & M-821A & M-830A & M-807A & M-786A & M-863A & M-865Mallorca Finca Comassema-9A & M-866A & M-912Mallorca Finca Comassema-7


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