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Destination Wedding in Rome at Villa Aurelia // Rome Wedding Photographer

Rome the eternal city!  We had the pleasure of photographing Jasmin and Federico’s wedding in Rome. The wedding was celebrated at Santa Maria dell’Anima in the middle of Rome and the reception was at Villa Aurelia, one of Rome’s most exclusive properties and the most stunning wedding location we have ever been! Wow!

Federico & Jasmin both live in Berlin, but the groom was originally from Rome so they decided to have their wedding in Rome where most of his family and friends were from. Jasmins’s family are partly from India & Asia which made this wedding very international.
As we are half italian we felt very pleased to shoot a wedding there and we had an unforgettable day with super nice people, love, good food, and lots of fun…oh my gosh, how amazing that was…we would love to shoot more weddings in Italy, we are so in love with the italian way of live!!!

Jasmin the bride is a wonderful, enchanting person and looked absolutely fabulous in her dress by Kaviar Gauche
Jasmin & Federico, thank you so much for having us …It was a pleasure to photograph your wedding day and we wish you both a wonderful life together!

Lots of love, Tali & Claudia

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