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Boho Dream Wedding in Berlin

This was by far one of our favorite weddings that we’ve ever had the pleasure of documenting. A dreamy bohemian wedding!!!  With style and grace, Sandra and Kristof celebrated their love surrounded by their closest family and dear friends: first the official civil wedding ceremony in the heart of Berlin and next day we went to the Seelodge to Kremmen near Berlin. Down to the finest detail Sandra planned and celebrated their wedding in the way they wanted it to be – a beautiful bohemian style- from the enchanting flowers of wonderful Gil from Kopflegenden, the stationery, the selection of her amazing dress to the stunning shoes and the choice of their accessories, everything matched perfect! Even though it rained now and then, Sandra & Kristof celebrated and danced with their guests until late into the night and celebrated what it is all about: love! .

Sandra & Kristof, many thanks, that we were allowed to be there and to be part of your wedding with your wonderful family and your very nice friends. We had much fun and wish you all the love and happiness possible! Keep love in your heart. ♥ Tali & Claudi ♥

Part I

Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-153Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-158Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-159Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-160Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-161Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-162Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-168Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-170Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-183Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-186Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-187Unbenannt-110Boho Wedding BerlinBohohochzeit-in-Berlin-193Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-194Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-300Day 2

Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-13Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-14Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-450-1Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-25Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-18Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-8Boho Wedding BerlinBohohochzeit-in-Berlin-2Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-6Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-19Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-22Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-21 Boho Wedding BerlinBoho Wedding BerlinBohohochzeit-in-Berlin-19Unbenannt-90Unbenannt-91Boho Wedding BerlinBohohochzeit-in-Berlin-27 Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-50Unbenannt-97Unbenannt-99Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-451Bohowedding BerlinBoho Wedding BerlinBohohochzeit-in-Berlin-41Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-50Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-35Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-44Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-36Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-38Bohohochzeit Sandrah Kuhn BerlinBoho Wedding BerlinBohohochzeit-in-Berlin-54Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-55Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-57Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-62Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-63Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-68Bohohochzeit-in-Berlin-69Boho Wedding Berlin

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