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Marisa & Cliff’s beautiful Provencewedding

This wedding was soooo wonderful! Marisa & Cliff are one of the most warmhearted people we’ve ever met!
They let us feel like really being part of their great family, as if we have known each other for a long time. Coming from South-Africa and England, they got their families from all over to celebrate their wedding in France, in Chateau de Massilan. Although it started raining, and the ceremony was hold inside the chateau, it couldn’t harm the warm atmosphere and generosity they brought to all of us.
Marisa looked so beautiful in her dress by Limor Rosen from London based Luella’s Bridal boutiqued. It was a mixture of free spirit style with an elegant and feminine touch. She combined it with sexy shoes from Aquazzura from Florence. Her hair was held in a natural way with romantic loose waves, done by lovely Mel Kinsmann. The flower arch and the bridal bouquet, all held in olive green and white and smell of roses added the final touch to this dreamy wedding.l
We really enjoyed being part of this warmhearted and gorgeous wedding! Thank you so much Marisa & Cliff! Lot of love, ♥ Tali ♥

Marisa & Cliff  Marisa & CliffMarisa & Cliff  Marisa & CliffMarisa & Cliff  Marisa & CliffMarisa & Cliff http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/ http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/  arisa & Cliff_DSC6720http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/ arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff _DSC6916_DSC6689arisa & Cliff arisa & Cliff_DSC7319http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/ Marisa & Cliff_DSC6880_DSC6969arisa & Cliff_DSC6735arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff_DSC7399arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff arisa & Cliff arisa & Cliff_DSC7687arisa & CliffDSC_1174_DSC7046_DSC7086arisa & Cliffhttp://www.arisa & Cliff http://www.hochzeitsfotografie-koeln.de/de/deutsch-camilla-anthonys-elegant-wedding-in-florence-italy/arisa & Cliff_DSC7558arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & CliffDSC_9861arisa & CliffDSC_9851DSC_1334DSC_1362arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff arisa & CliffDSC_0509DSC_0501DSC_1063arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliff arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & CliffDSC_1654arisa & Cliffarisa & CliffMarisa & Cliffarisa & CliffDSC_2567arisa & CliffDSC_24242DSC_2728arisa & CliffDSC_2402arisa & Cliffarisa & Cliffarisa & CliffDSC_28992DSC_28692DSC_2926DSC_2842arisa & CliffDSC_3003DSC_2997DSC_3004arisa & CliffDSC_3042

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